online revenues

You have probably heard of online marketing from people who aspire to earn some income on the sides. The truth is earning income on the internet is hard and takes time. But fear not because it is not impossible. This article will contain the truths about creating income through the internet. For now we will focus on placing your website on the top place of you chosen keywords. All you need to know is that websites that are top on the rankings bring in more money than websites that are below it. A lot of people tend to ignore the second or the third page and the other pages after that so it is important to be able to reach the first page of the search engines if you want to get found. The fundamental idea behind Search Engine Marketing is simple, in order to have conversions and sales you need to have traffic first and the best kind of traffic are the free ones. Actually they are not free since you have to work really hard to get them so in essence they are not totally free.

In order to get free traffic to you website, you must learn how to climb up the rankings first. One myth that some SEO people tells us is more links equates to better ranking. While it may be true a few years ago, too much link building at a fast rate could actually get you in trouble. Google is so much sophisticated now that it can detect these kinds of activities. Instead of doing a lot of link building it is much easier and better to tone down a number of links and just focus on getting links from authority sites.

Another Myth that SEO “Gurus” might tell you is that it does not take time to rank a website on the search engines. These so called “Gurus” will sell you anything and will promise you the whole world. The truth is you can rank quickly on certain keywords IF only they don’t hold much value. There are a lot of keywords that don’t get traffic and professional Search Engine Optimization experts usually just ignore them thus the competition is low. Doing proper online marketing takes time, you need to research your niche thoroughly and do a proper keywords research first after that you need to do research on possible authority websites you can get links from. After you have done all these, you also need to wait for the search engine to decide the ranking of your website. You will be getting results in 2 to 6 months depending on the keyword and niche difficulty.

Another misconception is that links are more important than your on page values. When we talk about on page SEO it usually means the name of the domain, site title, page title, meta description and HTML tags. The truth is the page values is as important as your link building. The on page values are the one that classifies your website. It tells the search engine what kind of website you have and the keyword that they should be ranking you to.

A good on page optimization will help your website a lot because it makes your climb a little bit faster. There are numerous studies that identify on page factors as one of the biggest factors when search engine determine the rankings.