They say, when you make it here you can make it anywhere. New York City have been since after World War 2 a melting pot not just of culture but of skill and talent. People with something to prove go to New York to get what they want and implement the things that they learned in a very high level. Everyone is competing to get a piece of that pie and it is also true with Search Engine Optimization. SEO NY has been one of the most competitive markets since people started doing online marketing and it’s one of the fiercest marketing battlefield with websites come in go in the search rankings like people come and go in busy well-known restaurants.


The effort required to rank on locations in New York City most of the time a lot more compared to other cities in the U.S. Even small business have good looking websites with great on page optimizations. Additionally, the price for internet marketing is competitive thus leading to a lot more businesses setting aside some amount to invest in their online presence. People in NY are busy people and they would rather use the convenience of the internet than to ask around what is good and what is bad. Internet has been a great place to get information for them.


New York City SEO is a jungle where big animals are at the top of the food chain and it’s the same with the internet marketing scene. Big companies rule and small companies try their best to get some piece of the action. Hiring a big company has it perks but it also has its downside. The biggest downside of hiring a big SEO company is the cost. Some of the bigger companies will charge you anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 depending on the amount of work to be done and on how big the company of the client is. Most of the big companies though have a good track record so the risk is minimal compared to hiring a smaller company. Hiring a smaller company doesn’t mean that you will be throwing your money. Small companies do have a lot of advantage against their bigger counterparts. Two of the biggest are pricing and efficiency. Some small companies will charge you for half the price of the bigger companies while providing the same service. They can do this by hiring employees overseas which brings the cost of their operations down quite a bit. Efficiency is also markedly better since they have to cater to a much smaller customer pool compared to bigger companies.

When starting your online venture in New York City, make sure to do some research first because like in any big cities there are a lot of people who are pretending they know something and will leave you hanging once they get what they want.