A lot of businessmen in NYC do not want SEO. People tend to reject things that they don’t understand fully and the things that will require months of investing before any results can be seen. SEO for them is kind of an unproven thesis that some little boy conducted in his small garage. It is understandable because they will be investing money which they could have invested on other marketing platforms that are less risky. NYC SEO is a competitive scene where a lot of people with different skill set are vying to get the best marketing contract possible. Some of them will even promise the heavens just to get that juicy check without any evidence of their supposedly ranking skills. The problem with SEO is people can just screenshot any website they want and just claim it as theirs. This happens a lot with misinformed business owners thus leading to an unpleasant experience and leading to more people not getting the service.


What they are missing out though is a big business opportunity which could have helped them expand their customer base and revenue. The real world results of search engine optimization are real as there are numerous studies pointing out that ranking well on heavy traffic keywords do affect profitability. Business owners in NYC, however, tend to disagree since SEO became synonymous with annoying sales people who call you every Saturday to sell their “special” Deux machina product. This is due to people who barely did a 5-hour research and acting up like gurus selling the service like it’s some kind of a pancake on your local drive through. What people don’t know is search engine technology is something easy to get into but hard to master. The concepts are dead simple “content is king” they say but it’s just a marketing term created by Google to make things simple. Simple does not equate to easy, actually, some of the things that are simple are the ones that are quite complex if you analyze it deep enough. This is true with search engine optimization, things look easy but the truth is it’s not. A search engine’s algorithm is considered one of the most guarded secret in the world. Nobody outside Google knows exactly how the search the search engine work and we only get a glimpse on some of the numerous faces occasionally through Google updates.


If a guy tells you he can rank your website in 5 different heavy traffic keywords in a month while pricing it for just for 99.95$ then something is up. First off it all depends on the keywords and keyword difficulty heavily relies on the amount of traffic it gets. So the more popular the keyword, the harder it is to rank. Additionally, it will take more than hundred dollars to properly rank a keyword. I think the reason why New York City SEO is having a bad light because a lot of people are saying they can do things that are literally impossible to do at a given price point.