Being on top is not easy especially on the search engines, there are just tons of things to consider in order to get to the top. Even though Google had already highlighted the things you need to do in order to get to the top there are still tons of information being locked out to prevent exploitation. Google Guidelines, in particular, does not say anything about links. They don’t expand on it further so people are having a difficult time getting on the top due to lack of information.


Another hurdle is the time needed in order to reach the top. The truth is you need a lot of time to climb the rankings and most of the websites that are on top are doing the same as you so the advantage you got from knowing some about SEO is negated. They could also be spending a lot more than you do in their online marketing so you need to take into consideration that too. Spending to get more online views and conversion is just normal for a serious business. After all, the internet is a huge place and there are endless possibilities if you think of the total amount of traffic internet has. Listed below are just some of things you need to do if you want to get to the top of the search results without breaking the bank.

  1. Look around more – Don’t jump on the first SEO specialist that calls you. Rather, you should take your time to search for the best option. Different people value work differently thus the price of the service fluctuates. It only takes a few minutes a day to contact them and get a price point. Some of the SEO specialists will try to value their service too high so you also need to watch out on those. A good price point for a medium difficulty keyword is $500-$1000. That price is fair considering there are a lot of things to do in order to reach the top.
  2. Be specific – There are a lot of things to be done when you are doing SEO, but some of them are optional. The most important thing you need to do first is to establish your local profile. The best way to do this is to do local listings. Some example of the listings is: Yelp, Google Business, Yahoo local and Bing Business. These four are the most important since three of them are being offered by search engines themselves and Yelp is known to be one of the authority sites when it comes to local search. You need to a little research for the best SEO service and just pick out the things that you want. This way you can save some money.
  3. Do some research – You need to do some research first in order to get the better deal. Different areas have different rates. Here in Westchester NY, rates usually go from $500 to $2000 a month for SEO services. Which is fair if you think about it. SEO if done correctly will last a very long time some retain their rankings for more than five years so it’s really worth it. People using the internet keeps growing same as well as the search volume.


There is another option if you don’t have the budget for online marketing. You can do Search Engine optimization on your own. You could buy online courses to get things started or join a mastermind group in order to understand nomenclature faster. Or you could do both and get to learn it faster. Understanding SEO is easy, but there is a huge gap between understanding and implementing it. Start with check out my first post with SEO tips