SEO and Google +


There’s literally thousands of SEO tips on the net. Some of them came from professional internet consultants, but some of them came from people who do not have the correct ideas what search engine optimization is. Here in Westchester NY, businesses are very keen on expanding their businesses whether it be on another physical location or on the digital field. Having your digital presence expanded can help a business a lot since most people have access to the internet. Aside from access, people are finding review sites a good source of information regarding business background, types of services and customer feedback. It is true that a customer won’t visit a business if it does not fare well on review sites. Listed below are some SEO tips that businesses can do in order to understand what Search Engine is all about

  1. Keyword Ranking Importance – A keyword rank is important because it is tied directly to the amount of traffic you will get on your search engine position. The higher you place on the rankings the more visitors you get.
  2. Keyword Traffic – The amount of traffic you get from a certain keyword. Not all keywords are created equal. Some are visited more while some less. There are many popular keywords, but those are very hard to get into because usually, those keywords are getting targeted by a lot of big companies.
  3. Picking your niche – You need to pick what market you are going into before you start doing SEO. Usually, it’s pretty clear but there some marketers who target related niche in order to broaden their reach. There are also some keywords that are not directly related to your niche but could pull in some traffic because they share the same ideas and function.
  4. Finding the least competition with good volume – In order to get best results, what you need to do is to find keywords that is low in competition but has a good volume. You can do this by using keyword tools such ahref site explorer or moz in order to analyze the competition on that keyword. It will take time at first yes, but it will give you that extra edge you need in order to obtain rank 1 in the search engine.
  5. Spend Wisely – At the end of the day it’s the ROI that we are after and not just presence. That’s why you need to carefully watch your budget. A good SEO consultant will have a game plan ready for you and will be upfront on the fees. Another way is to not just consult one agency, feel free to ask around for the average price of search engine optimization in your area. A good way to get some referrals is to search some keyword terms you want and call the business that owns the top rank. Ask them for the company who did their Internet marketing and you are set to go.
  6. Lots of impostors – The first thing you need to ask from someone who will do search optimization for you is the portfolio. That way you will know if what he says is true. There are lots of people masquerading as online gurus so you better watch out.

In order for a business to obtain the best online results, a good game plan for internet marketing needs to be put in place. Start small but never forget that value of online marketing because its one of those things that if done right will give you